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The Advantage Basketball Training program is specifically designed to enhance each player’s skills through intense repetition of game-simulated training sessions, the results are amazing!

The initial phases of the Advantage Basketball Training Program serve to identify each player's deficiencies in order to develop a focused strategy for improvement. Areas of focus include: Form analysis and correction; balance, lift extension, rhythm, and hand and foot placement. Comprehensive repetition of shooting from all angles and distances, game-simulated movements, off the dribble.



In addition to the physical benefits of enhanced quickness, agility, and strength gained from the performance training aspect, students are schooled on the understanding of on-the-ball defense, team defense rotations, transition defense, and zone/man principles.


Players are challenged to improve skills that are specific for their current and future position. Additionally, players are trained to broaden their skill set to include multiple of facets of the game.