The Advantage Basketball Club was established in 2007 by Chris Smalling and Rick Maloney, founder of hooptowngta.com.  Chris Smalling grew up in the Galloway community and fell in love with the game of basketball as soon as he was introduced to it.  As one of  six children in the Smalling household, it was difficult for his parents to afford Rep league basketball.As a result, he was unable to join their community team, The Galloway Lancers. He met a lady by the name of Martha Smith who paid his league fees and gave him the opportunity to volunteer at the community centre as a way of paying it forward. Chris Smalling was extremely grateful and vowed that as he got older he would always give back to his community. Since the age of 16, Smalling has worked in various neighbourhoods throughout Scarborough providing opportunities for youth to participate in athletic activities.  Advantage Basketball was founded on the principles of giving back to the community and creating sustainable basketball programs for families in need.